Darlene and Dan Swanson are the Dynamic Duo of book designing.  Darlene took a bunch of words and pictures and turned them into a book that reflects my approach to how a cookbook should present itself to readers and users.  The book was difficult with over 200 pictures that had to accompany recipes.  With her considerable talent and ability, Darlene shaped a book that is easy for readers to follow and execute the recipes which was my main ask.  On top of everything, it is beautiful.  Darlene is patient and communicates well.  She cares about designing a book that the author will be proud of. 
Dan is equally as talented and caring about the cover design which, as we all know, is key to readers finding the book and opening it.  
Between them, an author can be assured of a professionally finished book that will rival any traditional publisher and, I dare say, surpass them in many instances.  
Thank you both for everything you have done to make my book a success.  I wouldn’t consider doing another book without you at my side.
Helen S. Fletcher, author,
Craving Cookies, The Quintessential American Cookie Book

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