WOW, that is a beautiful cover... I must say... Stunning artwork .. I like it...
—Mel Martin, Author of The Magnificent Showman: The Epic films of Samuel Bronston
This was an enjoyable challenge for me. The author supplied a black and white photo of Mr. Bronston standing against a blackboard. I colorized him and eliminated the blackboard. I decided to feature his "Fall of the Roman Empire" film for the cover, as I had the production still from the set. To frame that image, I found an image of an ancient Roman monument online, and I used it as a model to construct a 3D model which a textured with stone and "engraved" some of Mr. Bronston's film titles on either side. I chose a classic Roman font, gave it a gold finish, and used a regal purple for the backgound.
It was a lot of work, but always worth it when it produces an emotional response with the viewer.
It's not only the bee's knees, it's the cat's meow and yo' Mamas 'jamas! Congratulations to Darlene. Having raved and gushed thusly,
—Whitey Mitchell, author, Hackensack to Hollywood
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