Autobiography 2
John B Fleming is a mutual long-time friend of Michael Manoogian and ours. So, when John asked for our help producing his book, we jumped at the chance. I was especially excited about the project when I learned that Michael designed the cover and I’d get to execute that design with my production art!
Mike, an “old school” master, chooses not to computerize, so he sent me “comps” to work from. He also photographed John for the cover.
In the below image, you can see the synergy!
And of course, Darlene did her magic on the internal page layout! It was a fun project all around!
"Heyyyyyy Dan and Darlene,

I don't remember if I mentioned how well the book printing came out. Fleming sent me a copy. I took it out of the envelope and the cover jumped up and nipped me on the nose. The printing was spectacular!!!!!!!! Color - WOW!!! The insides too! Usually B&W photos suck but these came out great, a relief - and a pleasure to look at!

Thanks for preparing it so well!!!

:) Mike"
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