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OK, so you’ve written a book. You’ve drawn illustrations. You’ve even committed to provide the book cover material. Well that’s a first...
One small point - how is all this material to be composed?!
Your publisher puts this work into the hands of a COMPOSITOR by the name of Darlene Swanson. What a blessing that turned out to be for I was pretty well computer illiterate in such matters...
Not only has Darlene an extraordinary talent in making quite simple decisions, she never intrudes, never insists, just asks you what do you want - tell me and I will do it - and seemingly keeping herself out of picture makes the book BEAUTIFUL!!
May I add that she has what I described in this journey of completing the book as a Divine Patience. 
If anything was not working she would ask you to clarify - and repeat, Tell me what you want and I will do it...
So I was emboldened to add to the text items and crazy ideas and always they were digested and included... PERFECTLY!!
Thank you, Darlene! You’re a star!!
—John Antrobus, The Milligan Papers
The husband/wife team of Daniel and Darlene Swanson proved to be a dynamic duo in getting the finished book ready for the printer.  Darlene supplied me with a neatly formatted first proof and then worked diligently and patiently with me to correct a bountiful batch of punctuation and spelling errors and make numerous minor changes.  Daniel took a wisp of an idea I suggested and produced a front cover that is a work of art.  Then he metamorphosed my feeble attempt at a back cover to give it a polished professional look.
—Dan McGuire, Author
Case laminate edition
They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but having a great cover and an easy-on-the-eye overall layout certainly helps a lot! As a first time author, I’ve had the immense pleasure to deal with Daniel & Darlene Swanson of Van-garde Imagery. 
In the back-and-forth creative process of putting together my book, Great Conversations: My Interviews with Two Men on the Moon And a Galaxy of Stars, I found myself saying “Wow!” a lot. You’d think as a writer and a decades-long broadcaster that I would be able to use my big boy words more, but Daniel & Darlene’s work just left me speechless!
Their work has been spectacular! I can’t imagine the book turning out better than it has, because they have surpassed my expectations as to how the finished product would look. But beyond their expertise was their guidance in helping me to decide the best path to success for my project.  
They were prompt with their delivery, generous with their advice, and thorough with their detail to quality.  While that might sound effusive, remember, this is me speechless.
Thank you for taking my baby and breathing colour and life into it!
—Peter Anthony Holder
In all ways, an admirable and engrossing accomplishment. Darlene and Dan of Van-garde Imagery, Inc. took a superb manuscript and polished what I would have to say is my best work ever. Their remarkable gift will transform your favored projects into works of art, and make your fondest dreams come true.
—Martin Grams, Jr., author The Twilight Zone: Unlocking the Door to a Television Classic and The Green Hornet: A History of Radio, Motion Pictures, Comics, and Television
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