Nostalgia Film 4
Volume I
Volume II
Having never had any experience of publishing a book before, I was expertly guided through the whole design process by the dream team of Dan and Darlene—who breathed life and soul into my writing through their wonderful designs. 
Even though we were 4300 miles apart, they listened to and acted on all my suggestions to create a product which I am more than thrilled with and which looks beautiful. Their regular correspondence by email and by Skype was astounding and the diligence and skill they both showed was absolutely first-rate. I cannot recommend their services highly enough and I am proud at what they have created. 
I am so grateful to both Dan and Darlene for their patience, their advice and more importantly their hard work to achieve something which exceeded even my own personal expectations. Thank you a million times over for making my writing come alive.
—Sebastian Lassandro
"As the published author of twenty books ranging from fiction to non-fiction, I have worked with a number of publishers and designers over the years. From the outset I was most impressed with Darlene. Her graphic and layout skills, attention to detail and overall professionalism and patience have made working with her a most rewarding and pleasant experience. To say that I am pleased with with the final result would be an understatement."
—Stone Wallace
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