Novels 2
I gasped when I opened this! It looks faaaaabulous. I love the color you selected for the font. It ties into the tree bark and the rocks in the distance and pulls everything together. Exactly the kind of work I wanted!
— Laine Cunningham, Author of The Message Stick
I am very pleased with the work preformed by both Darlene and Dan. Each attacked segments of my project with professionalism and personal attention. Darlene was especially skilled in working with Lightning Source, knowing exactly the proper criteria, the formating required, and the professional touches for the copyright pages, etc. Especially noteworthy was her willingness to make last minute corrections and to keep open a dialog of ideas resulting in a final product that I am especially proud of. She elevated my amateur status to a professional level where I will be proud to promote my efforts knowing that the quality of the printed product is on a par with the best available. Her husband, equally committed to providing personal attention, was instrumental in designing the graphic images of my cover. The task was a daunting one, as he took what marginal material I provided and again elevated the material to a polished professional level. Especially challenging was taking verbally ideas about a key component in my story and creating from hard work and combined imagination a representation that mirrors a subtle, but critical component of my story. If there is only one element to the art work that captures the interest of potential readers of my novel, it will be his medallions, created with imagination and carefully crafted skill. The rest of his work parallels his listening ability to understand the desire and intent, so that the final representation is of one thought and mind. The combination of two individuals who are craftsmen in their individual expertise, who listen, and work well and hard together to achieve personal satisfaction for all parties is not only refreshing, but extremely rewarding. It was a privilege to have them work on my project, and not only do I endorse and recommend their services, I am thinking of starting a new one, just so that I can employ their services in the future!
—Arthur C. Cofresi, author, The Serapis
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