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Trust. Skill. Speed. Dan and Darlene exemplify these three crucial qualities when entrusting your time, books, and reputation in the hands of a graphic designer. They are pleasant, polite, and patient, as well as reliable. Your book cover and interior require professional graphic design; Dan and Darlene make the magic happen to transform your cover concept and your manuscript into beautiful books that teach, inspire, and entertain. Their teamwork helps make your publishing dream work!
—Elizabeth Atkins, Atkins & Greenspan Writing
If you are going to self-publish and have little clue on how, go to Darlene! There is no way I could of self-published my first book without her knowledge, formatting skills and especially her availability!
I decided to go with Ingram Sparks and found her there. When my book was near completion, I called her and she picked up the phone! That was exactly what I needed and she carried it through for me to the end. I had allot of images that was challenging for her, but she pulled it off. 
I felt she cared about my book and wanted it to be perfect like me!
And a real bonus was the cover design. She knew before I did, what I needed on the cover and quickly she designed a cover.
Don’t hesitate to use Darlene, She knows what Ingram Sparks needs and gets it done!
If I decide to write another book, I would definitely use Darlene. 
—Karen Eddings, RH, MHN, author, Live and Age Well
Darlene provided prompt, professional service, with excellent results in my design edits for paperback and e-book. Would recommend her without reservation!
—Fred Grover Jr. M.D. FAAFP
Being a first time author taking a shot at self-publishing, I was clueless on how to transform a manuscript into a book. My first pitfall was having a front cover design that was not in the proper resolution for a book cover. While I loved the design, I was not even sure if I could use it.
Panicking over the mishap, I immediately called the print and distribution company to ask for a list of graphic artists with experience on book design. This is how I stumbled upon Darlene Swanson.
As if by magic, Darlene quickly ramped up the cover to its proper resolution, clarified the original design, and reworked the photos so they became a part of the picture. It was gorgeous.
Instantly I knew that I needed her experience and expertise to design the interior of the book. A short time after sending her the black and white word manuscript, she transformed the book into a work of art. “Mama Melisi and Me” is an Italian cookbook and short story book. Darlene infused the enticing food photos throughout the book, and used red and black print on each of the pages. She brought the book to life.
Throughout the process, I called Darlene to request endless edits. We laughed, both feeling like I was having a baby, but never knowing when the due date was. I was constantly e-mailing changes, as well as arranging for Sunday afternoon phone calls, so I could walk her through the edits. Darlene was always quick and efficient, as well as totally professional and patient. It was a dream working with her. We worked together for months until I was totally satisfied with the finished product.
You all were worth every penny and much more. I had to kiss 2 ugly frogs before I met you two. There are a lot of companies out there that claim to be book designers, but in reality they are nothing more than impostors with publishing software who charge high fees for low quality services. I greatly appreciate your willingness to treat my book as a valuable commodity rather than a mass produced cheap product. The fact that you all were determined to satisfy me was demonstrated in so many ways. It showed through your patience, communications, and endurance. Your overall professional services and affordable fees have made it possible for me to finally produce a sound, error free, professional book that I am very confident and looking forward to presenting to the world.
—Getty Israel, MPH, Public Health Practitioner, Pathway To Wellness, LLC
"My first venture into self-publishing was marked by a lot of confusion and mistakes on my part, but Darlene was very patient.  She went above and beyond to help me through the process, and her prices were very fair.  We emerged with a beautiful book, and I am grateful."
—Janet Maker
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