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After spending several years writing for my own enjoyment, I decided that I wanted to begin sharing my work with others. I didn’t know much about publishing books, but how hard could it be, right? When my illustrator finished his work, I was excited to begin the designing process. After spending many hours over several days, I was finally done with the book and was very proud of my work.  Long story short… If I was able to do a good job designing my book, I started to wonder how it would look if I allowed a professional to design it. So, after doing some research, I reached out to Darlene. That turned out to be one of the best decisions I could have made. Darlene was very easy to work with, she answered all my questions in a timely manner, and she is very good at what she does.
Comparing my final project to Darlene’s final project would be like comparing apples and oranges. I enjoy writing and I am extremely happy that I decided to stick to the writing and that I allowed Darlene to design my book. Allowing a professional to handle the designing is a good way to save time and money. There is only one name that comes to mind when I think about working with someone for my next project: DARLENE!
—Dwayne Douglas, author, The ABCs of Learning the Bible
When I contacted Darlene, I was stressed and overwhelmed with trying to get my picture book, The Santa Spirit, to look right when I was trying to submit it for self-publishing.  She knew I was under a time constraint.  Darlene was patient and thoughtful and worked with me to create a very beautiful book in a timely fashion. She is a professional, was easy to work with, and gave me a book that is stunningly beautiful. I recommend her to other authors.  Thank you, Darlene!
—Yvonne Vissing, author
This was my first time self-publishing and, whilst I was confident in my script complemented by some super illustrations, I was not so confident in my ability to master the technical complexities of the self-publishing website I was using. This is where Darlene came in: she proactively called me (based overseas), comprehensively answered my initial queries (via phone and email) and then provided a professional, responsive and timely service through to project completion, including lots of ongoing value add guidance and answering any final silly questions. Overall, a big thumbs up!
—James Sterling, author
Hey, Dan. I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!   Great job, buddy. It looks amazing!!!  I think you captured the “Feel” I was hoping to get with this cover. Soft, cute and fuzzy… You are “The Man." It’s perfect!
—Johnny Strader, Cotton: The Little Plant That Snored
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