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TALENTED, is how I would describe Van-Garde Imagery, owned and operated by Dan and Darlene Swanson.
Being a first-time published author, I really had no idea what I would be experiencing during each phase of my publishing journey. They came highly recommended by Two Sisters Writing & Publishing LLC, which was a great start. As I began working with them, any concerns that I had were soon allayed. They are both deliberate, passionate, and approachable about their work. It would be difficult to tell where one of them has left off and the other begins. They are truly a matched set!
I first met virtually, with Dan, as we talked about my idea of what I would like to see in a book cover. We discussed my ideas based on where the story was leading. The rustic and earthy design, that he gave me was exactly what I was looking for. I’m proud that the outside of my novel reflects the story of promise inside.
Darlene’s job was to do the formatting, among other things like matching up to the book covers. After each edit, and there were several, she would re-format once again, always patient. Those moments working with each of them did not reflect the time that they spent delivering a finished product that myself and my readers can enjoy.
Dan and Darlene are consummate professionals who are fun to work with, listening and hearing what your ideas are. I would encourage you to consider using their services.
Express your wishes and enjoy the results.
P.S. My novel was published within days of its release date. I've received my “samples” and they are gorgeous to look at, to hold, and to touch—not only the Oregon landscape image, itself, but the small touches that we added to the cover. The story starts before the book is ever opened!
Four of the retailers that I had previously spoken to were very taken with the book and ordered for their stores while they stood holding my book in their hands.
But the best part for me was that my son texted to let me know that his copy had just arrived. He was very impressed and ended our conversation by telling me, “I plan on keeping it around for a lonnnnnng time”.
Writing can be very hard at times. For the best outcome, talk to someone who listens and hears your heart, and is willing to give you what you dreamed about for your book. In this case that "someone" is Darlene and Dan Swanson of Van-Garde Imagery, Inc.
—Linda Lochard, author, Along The Applegate Trail-A Tale of Grit and Determination
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