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My name is Bryan Mark Rigg, and I have written five books on World War II and the Holocaust. I have worked with the publishers of Yale University Press, University of Kansas Press and Stackpole (imprint of Rowan and Littlefield). As a result, I have had a lot of experience working with excellent publishing houses to get out my works on history.
However, nothing compares with my experience of working with Darlene Swanson. Unlike other book designers, Darlene worked with me on how to place my artwork, how to organize my chapters, and how to layout my text. She got to know me as a person and learned what was important to me for the presentation of the book. This is clearly evidenced by the incredible art design she did for the cover—both front and back—for my current book, Flamethrower. She has a keen eye and an innate sense of what will work and what will not when presenting historical themes to the public. So, from designing the cover of the book, to placing maps and historical photos within the text, Darlene showed that she has a passion for her work and a desire to make me look good. 
Although my previous books had professional people doing good work on my titles, Darlene demonstrated that she was a cut above the rest. This is apparent when one compares the second-rate book cover and design that Stackpole did for Flamethrower, versus what she has done for my current Flamethrower book, now appearing under my own imprint, Fidelis Historia.
I highly recommend Darlene Swanson for anyone who wants their work to be more pleasing to the eye, more in tune with the author's wishes for presenting the material, and more professional-looking than most other presses. When one considers what Yale, Kansas, and Stackpole did for me, and what Darlene has accomplished with my book, there is no comparison.  She is also fun and very personable, making her an absolute pleasure to work with.
—Bryan Mark Rigg, author, Flamethrower
The Swansons did my book ad and they really nailed it—even though a book about horses and pedigrees is not mainstream. The ad is absolutely breath-taking, eye-catching and simply professional down to the very detail. They also helped me with the book interior and cover and I was able to self-publish a book that has the professional look that represents the quality within. Thank you (und besten Dank) to Team Swanson!
—Dr. Chantal Spleiss
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