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I am A. Turk, a retired Nashville attorney, now author of the courtroom drama Benjamin Davis book series. I have had the good fortune of having worked with Dan Swanson on all three of my book covers and Darlene Swanson has designed and formatted the second and third books in the series.
Dan’s covers have always been a collaborative effort between us to achieve my vision of the series. He took the time and interest, especially with the first cover, to explain the process, so as a first time author I could select a cover that established the precedent and nature of my book series. We have employed photography, computer graphics and some of Dan’s other professional tricks and methods to achieve my goals. He has been a pleasure to work with and after three covers I consider him a good friend.
Darlene’s work is prompt and professional. Both projects were completed in less than two weeks, with minimum back and forth. That is the definition of a great designer/production artist.
—A. Turk, Author of the Benjamin Davis book series
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